Eyelash Extensions

It is really important to choose a reliable eyelash technician, who will not just apply gorgeous extensions, but take a good care of your natural eyelashes too.

Quality work is never cheap, but fixing your damaged lashes is time consuming and very expensive – not even talking about permanent damage, so choose wisely!

What is the difference between Classic and Volume lashes?

Classic one to one:

Perfect for someone who likes the natural, mascara look or just want to add length to their natural eyelashes 

Russian Volume:

From natural to super glamorous look anything could be created using super fine silk lashes, depending the condition and amount of Your natural eyelashes.

As your natural eyelashes shed, you will need infills in about every 3 weeks. The extensions will fall off with your natural lashes normally, and where the new lash growing and the old fell out you will need a lash applied on to have your full look back. In about 3 weeks time you lose half of your lashes. Please understand that more than 4 weeks after your initial appointment I charge for full set again.
My peak time is April-September, so please book way in advance to avoid disappointment.

The application can be time consuming, please understand that for a professional, quality work, it really takes time, normally about 2 hours – 2 hours 30 mins.

Life is too busy. Why wouldn't You save time on makeup every day?

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