Eye Enhancement

Is eyeliner important to your appearance and feeling of self confidence? Does your eyeliner smudge? Does it wear off during the day? Do you have trouble getting it straight or even? Are you allergic to cosmetic products or your allergies causing you to re-apply several times a day? Maybe your job requires that you go make-up free.

Eyeliner can be applied in many styles and colours, from soft, natural-looking lash enhancement to a defined line–the choice is yours! Some people feel both upper and lower eyeliner suits their needs best, while others feel only an upper or a lower eyeliner is appropriate for them. Whatever look you choose, you will wake up, shower, exercise, work, swim, and go to bed always looking your best. No more tattle tale eyeliner smear or smudge during the day, no more concern when participating in sports activities and best, your appearance remains consistently fresh appearing throughout the day and night.

If you have a picture of the desired look or if you wear eyeliner and have a favourite shape and design, please wear it for the consultation so I can create it for you with the premanent eyeliner procedure.

We use pre-procedure anesthetic which makes it more comfortable and also provide Nouveau Contour Aftercare product. A follow-up appointment included in the price in 4 weeks-3 months after procedure.

Life is too busy. Why wouldn't You save time on makeup every day?

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