Permanent Makeup

Semi-permanent makeup, sometimes called cosmetic tattooing involves delicately adding pigments in a range of shades to the outermost layers of your skin, most commonly the eyebrows, eyes and lips .
Szabina provides an individually tailored look for each and every client. It is very important that every procedure is personalised. Whether you need a few subtle touches with a very sophisticated eyeliner or the full glamorous effect with red lips, our permanent makeup treatments address all of your makeup needs perfectly. Semi permanent make-up offers an ideal solution, giving you defined eyebrows, wide awake eyes and fuller lips all day, every day.

Semi permanent make-up is a completely safe and effective form of cosmetic tattooing and works by implanting pharmaceutical grade, gamma sterilised pigments of your choice into the chosen treatment area. You may have heard the treatment described as ‘Permanent’ makeup and this is because the colour is being introduced into the upper dermal layer of skin and although the pigment will fade over time, it will often remain in the skin even if not completely visible.

You can choose colours which complement your own skin tone and of course if you ever fancy a change, it is an ideal base for conventional cosmetic products, makeup.

​Our treatments will give you a personalised look which can last years, saving you valuable time and money.

Your experience is starting with the consultation, choosing the right colours and design, understanding Your face shape to create your semi permanent makeup not just to suit your face but also Your personality. After we agree on the shape, colour and design, we can continue with the chosen tattooing procedure.

Life is too busy. Why wouldn't You save time on makeup every day?

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