Have I ever told You, what makes Perfekt Lashes brand so special?
The answer is simple, it’s me, learning every bit of lashing the hardest way possible.

Safe to say, I had a terrible first training and a very unmotivating trainer first.
Now here some people would stop reading, thinking: oh – she’s a pessimist, I don’t need to read anymore…

But the truth is, I’m just being honest and realistic.

I didn’t chose the training centre/brand I got trained with, my boss did back then, and to be honest, I had no freakin’ idea about the lash world just yet, anyway.


After the training I got thrown into deep water treating clients in a luxury salon – probably the most luxury I’ve ever been in, no pressure Szab, you can do it.🤣

After noumerous complaints, clients lashing popping off, I called the brand asking for help, if it could be the product, or what I was doing wrong.

Do you know what the answer was I got?

”You need to be trained, again.”


I mean… How disrespectful, unhelpful and sad this is?

After paying for a “high end” training, and paying extortionate price for their products, working with them about 3-4 months, this is the answer I got, that I need to start at the beginning, go for a training, again – not free of course, full price – and be there like the person who didn’t get is first, but already got her certificate funnily enough…

Now, I know that the problem the adhesive and it’s quality was (I tried them all), as after changing brand, never had a single problem with retention the way like back then, ever. They have changed adhesive range eve since, hallelujah.

Funnily enough, never heard anything good about their trainings from anyone, and I would like to state, I do not want to name the brand or anyone in it. It is just sad, that their trainings and customer service are very poor. That’s it. Lesson learnt.

Moving forward I knew that I wanted to change this way trainings and ongoing support goes. I always loved to help people and to see others thrive and be part of it, made me some kinda person who is drugged from that feeling.

My passion is lashing, of course, but teaching, it gives me goosebumps. The crazy good ones…

Perfekt Lashes brand idea came about 2 years after I started lashing.

We were standing in the kitchenette in the luxury salon, on a normal working day. One of the hairdressers – who I’m friends with to this day and love to bits – Mark, planted this seed in my head.

He told me that his friend, owns a lash brand, how well she‘s doing and how happy she is, and then asked me:

”Szab, you’re so good at everything you do, why not do the same, but even better?”

I even got smile on my face now, because that was my turning point. That moment. The point when I knew, that I can do this. And Him, believing in me.

Even though I was pregnant at that time, planning my maternity leave, I started testing products from factories. Lashes, tweezers, primers and removers, the list goes on…

Tried so many types, that it gave me a headache every single evening, and sleepless nights. One day one lash type would work better, than the other, and the next day the other way around… But who cared, I felt like I’ve been let out from a cage that a I’ve been living until then. I went wild😜.

During my maternity leave, decided to leave my job. I felt it wasn’t for me anymore, wanted to focus on my business. Had enough clients I‘ve built up, had the perfect ideas, plans, and last but oh not so least, a big smile on my face.

Not long after, tried myself on my first ever live competition, and won 1st place. That definitely gave me the confirmation, I am in the right industry.

The products I have in my brand, are all tested by me, so well, that I put my heart and soul in it to a crazy extent.

they are perfect. INNER ARRIST collection lashes fan like a dream – had 2 years researching it.

So do You think Perfect Lashes are special?

Well, at least the history of it is, for sure.

see You soon!

Sending lots of love,