Well, I’ve heard it at least a million times, that “Hey, so you’re lashing… and you make a living of it. Don’t be daft, this can’t be true So what else are you doing to make your real money of?“
No more questions asked, this is a point to drop a friend (or at least I thought They were) or with a possible future friend, this is where I bury my hopeful plans with. No. a big FAT NO.
I say no, because if they think this way, we are sooooooo far from each other! (And probably have nothing in common.)

Always remember my Mum’s words: “Surround yourself with positive people, so they uplift you every day.” This is what I truly believe in.
I am old and mature enough to know that I lie far away from negativity.
Of course I doubt myself every day – aren’t everyone? – but is there any other way to do our best? To be the best possible Artist, Mum and Wife?

i do not think so.

Being a Lash Artist is serious business, art and dedication to something truly beautiful. To make others happy, to make our clients shine even brighter than before. I mean how beautiful this job is? Pure effing art.
I still remember when I started, in 2015 on my first training in London. It was a beautiful sunny day and I was hopeful that I will own this skill in no time. Well, I was definitely wrong. I am learning ever since, but maybe this is the reason this job never gets boring.

So I’m there on my 1 day classic eyelash extension course and was able to put about 15 lashes each eye on my model – ex colleague.
I was like: ThiS is DEFINITELY not for me. How fiddly, how boring, how hard this actually is, never ever could’ve imagined.

But, luckily, I was working at a salon at that time, my colleague refused to do lashes, so I had to start lashing, had no choice, although, I hated all of it with my guts. Before every single client I was super nervous and anxious.
Who would’ve thought back then that 5 years later I will have my own brand of lashes? And that I love my job more than any jobs I’ve ever done, working for myself (now with my sister) being my own boss and truly thrive?
Even my family doubted me when I had these crazy ideas back then.

The secret is, to never give up! nothing can stop you from moving forward than your own self doubt and and lack of self belief. The only real boundaries of our dreams, are ourselves. Hope this has opened your eyes – and freed your mind.



Cannot wait to see You on any of my trainings 💕

Until then,

Sending lots of love and strength.